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Why Kara Prichard just says yes and works the rest out later

Jake Spain
Thursday, April 11th 2024

Just saying yes, and working the rest out later, can be a daunting proposition for anyone. But not for Kara Prichard; this is the exact mentality that led to Kara being appointed South Australian State Manager at Mas National.

Kara recently joined the ThirtyNiners Podcast to discuss why she said yes to leaving a life she loved in Melbourne to return to South Australia in a role she had little to no experience in.

I mentioned to my CEO over a casual conversation that I had thought about moving back to Adelaide sometime in the future, then on the following Monday, he said there was an opportunity coming up as State Manager in South Australia.

I didn’t really know how to be a State Manager or what that involves, but I have always been a bit of a just say yes and work the rest out later person – 3 months after that conversation, I was back in Adelaide”.

They key to having confidence to just say yes’ is simple according to Kara, and a lesson she has learned from a number of extremely influential business leaders – play to your strengths, identify your weaknesses, and surround yourself with people who are experts of those weaknesses to help you grow.

A number of empowering CEO’s have taught me to play to my strengths and maybe the things that are my weaknesses, we can work with others to have that as their strength, and they can undertake those particular tasks and if I’m authentic and I play to what my strengths are, then I will continue to grow.

I think that was sort of how I approached it, and if I look at the person I was four years ago, compared to the person that I am now, and then again the person I will be in another four years, I will be a completely different person”.

This mentality of saying yes and continuing to learn is exactly what drew Kara to the ThirtyNiners, as she actually reached out to the group first, after she heard that this exciting initiative was being started by the SA Business Chamber.

I just sort of contacted the Chamber out of the blue, as soon as I saw the first article about it, it really interested me, and it ties back to wanting to be part of something that is going to change people’s lives and have a legacy of giving back.

A group of people is always going to be more powerful than one person, and I think when you’re in this room of thought leaders, and people who are connected, and people who are listening and want to support, we can make some really exciting things happen”.

To hear Kara’s full conversation on the power of just saying yes in business, search ThirtyNiners Podcast wherever you hear your podcasts.


Jake Spain

Marketing and Communications Executive
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