It's what we don't do that defines us

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Anthony Caldwell
Tuesday, April 30th 2024

IT SME Solutions Plus Partnership’ offers consulting, strategy, and software services to businesses across Australia and New Zealand. What sets them apart, however, is not just what they do but what they choose not to do.

Founded by Allan Morichaud, the company started with him as its sole employee and has since experienced significant growth under his leadership, particularly since late 2019. 

Morichaud emphasises strict adherence to their expertise and a commitment to maintaining quality above all else.

We’ve built a successful enterprise that has helped hundreds of businesses over the years, but we’re selective about the projects we take on,” he said. Sometimes, it’s about recognising what we could do but choosing not to if it means compromising on quality.”

This approach has proven successful as Solutions Plus Partnership marks its 10th anniversary. 

Morichaud attributes this growth to a robust business development and marketing strategy, which has resulted in doubled annual revenue and annual workforce expansion in recent years.

Amidst a competitive and growing tech startup scene, the company now boasts a team of 41 and has extended its offices to Brisbane and New Zealand.

Our growth stems from a focus on strategic business objectives, process optimisation, and leveraging technology for transformation,” explains Morichaud. 

We pride ourselves on challenging our clients to ensure optimal outcomes and providing honest, direct feedback and recommendations.”

The company’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace has also been instrumental. Allan highlights, Maintaining a diverse culture has been key to our success. 37% of our team are women, a significant figure in the tech industry.”

Despite these successes, Solutions Plus Partnership faces recognisable challenges in the current economic climate. 

Morichaud says the slowdown in project sign-ups and customer investment due to economic uncertainties. Additionally, rising operational costs pose profitability challenges.

Cost pressures are undeniably challenging,” he said.

According to data from the March Quarter South Australian Business Chamber and William Buck Survey of Business Expectations, the biggest issue on the minds of businesses is rising costs. 

The report found that 77% of businesses were concerned about the rising costs of wages, energy, and rent, with 60.7% also worried about profitability.

Despite these challenges, Solutions Plus Partnership is committed to investing within its means in staff, infrastructure, and further international expansion. 

Our goal is to double our workforce in the next four years and open offices in more countries, but we’re approaching this strategically and cautiously given the current climate. We won’t rush; we’ll proceed methodically and sustainably.”

Solutions Plus Partnership is dedicated to providing clients with first-class service while maintaining strategic growth. We’re weathering the current economic storm by staying true to our values and taking a measured approach,” Morichaud concluded.


Anthony Caldwell

Manager, Marketing, Media, Communications
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