New to Management - Training Course

1‑day course for existing and aspiring managers

This course can be delivered on-site at your premises or at one of our training facilities.

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Course outline

The New to Management course is designed to foster and grow contemporary management capabilities. People can often be thrust into management roles without training, and struggle to effectively manage a team working towards a common goal.

This one day dynamic and engaging program is designed to inspire and empower managers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their role. Through interactive learning, exercises, and insightful discussions they will discover their potential and be able to develop strategies to become an effective and resilient manager.

Discover your personal communication style through DiSC profiling and learn how to use your strengths to manage others, including dealing with difficult staff and managing poor performance confidently.

Topics covered

  • Gain an increased knowledge and awareness of your personal leadership style
  • Learn how to set team goals and delegate effectively
  • Discover strategies to enhance communication and motivate teams
  • Learn how to provide effective feedback and address performance issues
  • Learn how to make confident decisions and problem solve
  • Managing teams to ensure they meet their performance expectations

Who is this course for?

This course is for existing managers and aspiring managers.


              1 day

              Training delivery

              This training is delivered on request for your organisation. It can be delivered on-site at your workplace or our training facilities. Please submit a training enquiry for further information.

              Our Training lead

              Cindy Jackway

              Training Manager

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