Managing Change in your Organisation - Training Course

4 hour course for managers and leaders.

This course can be delivered on-site at your premises, or at one of our training facilities.

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Course outline

The world is constantly changing, so change has become inevitable. Whether it is adopting new technologies, driving innovation, or implementing new changes in your organisation, change is the cornerstone of progress. The key to thriving in this business environment is to endure change and embrace it and harness its power to drive success. 

There is often a disconnection between ideas for change and the ability to create change in a business, with 70% of initiatives failing. Change management is the ability to work to a change vision and create innovative and sustainable change within the business. Change can be daunting and is often met with resistance and uncertainty, but it also presents incredible opportunities for growth, improvement, and innovation if communicated.

Learn to have a growth mindset to navigate change effectively and become a role model to positively transform your organisation by effectively planning, preparing, and implementing change. Challenge your perspectives and embrace change to transform the way you approach and lead change in your business.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Discover the importance of change management.
    • Learn to embrace change with a growth mindset.
    • Understand change leadership.
    • Develop change management strategies.
    • Engage your team and effectively communicate change.
    • Build successful change teams.
    • Transformation in action — implement change initiatives.
    • Develop a culture of change within your team.

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for managers and leaders wishing to effectively manage change in the workplace.


        4 hours

        Training delivery

        This training is delivered on request for your organisation. It can be delivered on site at your workplace or at our training facilities. Please submit a training enquiry further information.

        Our Training lead

        Cindy Jackway

        Training Manager

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