Energy Transition Advisory

Are energy costs affecting the way you do business?

Our expert energy transition advisors can help build a foundation for a sustainable and demonstrable energy transition that is tailored to your business.

The South Australian Business Chamber understands there are two key challenges for businesses in South Australia; relentless increases in energy costs, and the increased pressure to move away from fossil fuels through direct climate action.

Introducing the Sustainable Energy Commitment

The Sustainable Energy Commitment is an energy management system that is tailored for SME’s. Interested business owners will work with an energy transition consultant supported by a powerful digital platform and a cost structure that is geared towards small to medium-size businesses.

The energy transition is a complex journey, but you’re not in it alone — with the Sustainable Energy Commitment we can start with understanding your businesses’ baseline energy usage and start identifying areas for improvement.

Program offering:

The Sustainable Energy Commitment supports you with the three key pillars of energy transition:

  • Strategy — Identifying an optimal pathway forward by developing a robust, data led & clear strategy
  • Climate Disclosure Reporting — Confidently producing detailed and transparent reports anytime.
  • Execution Management -Implement and evolve your strategy and get the best results for every action.

Getting started with Foundations:

Upload and integrate your data and develop a detailed energy baseline that forms the basis of successful energy transition

$299 per month on a 12-month subscription the energy management platform.

Platform Features:

  • Data management standard
  • Dashboard
  • Basic analytics
  • Basic reports
  • SEC KPI management
  • Dashboard + SEC Score
  • Roadmap creator standard (one roadmap)
  • Action creator

Consultancy support hours are also available (Pricing excluding GST. Consultancy hours to be quoted separately)

Signing up between now and June 30, you will qualify for a free energy transition health check consultation.

Case Study: Bowhill Engineering

Bowhill Engineering is a successful family owned South Australian business that specialises in structural fabrication.

As a business they are always looking at their bottom line. Electricity was one of the highest cost factors on their profit & loss statement and balance sheet which they wanted to address, but for the first time they were faced with a new competing priority. Their customers had started to ask what they are doing regarding sustainability and environmental care for their business.

Being an innovative business, they didn’t see this as a problem but rather an opportunity.

However, Bowhill Engineering did not have the internal energy or sustainability expertise and had always struggled to decipher the confusing solution landscape and navigate a clear pathway forward.

Bowhill Engineering have never looked back since joining the Sustainable Energy Commitment and are well on track to meet their 2028 target.

They have already met an energy transition score of 30, reduced energy costs by more than 15% and reduced energy usage by more than 11%.

​”The outcomes of our Sustainable Energy Commitment has been humongous. I love the outward facing portal that shows us and our customers where we started, where we are now and where we want to be”

Jodie Hawkes - CEO , Bowhill Engineering
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