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WHS is important for compliance and business productivity

Work Health and Safety (WHS) relates to practices undertaken by an organisation to identify, prevent and control risks and hazards that can cause injury, illness or accidents in the workplace. Under Australian legislation, employers have an obligation to identify risks in the workplace and implement measures to eliminate those risks to their employees, contractors and sub-contractors.

WHS is an important area of focus for all businesses, irrespective of size, because employers are legally responsible for providing a safe workplace for their employees, contractors and sub-contractors. There are a host of laws and regulations that employers must abide by to ensure their working environments are safe. There are heavy penalties for owners and directors of organisations that fail to implement the necessary WHS provisions in their organisation.

The legal obligations for organisations are clear, but it also makes good business sense to implement a watertight WHS regimen: it improves worker morale and well-being, saves time, improves productivity, establishes your organisation as a good corporate citizen’, and avoids expensive compensation and rehabilitation costs. At the end of the day, good WHS practices help organisations meet their business objectives, as well as helping to save lives, and prevent injuries and illness.

The onus is on you — the employer — for WHS implementation

Work health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, including employees, contractors and sub-contractors. However, the responsibilities for the implementation of WHS in the workplace falls upon the owners and directors of organisations. It is the employer’s sole responsibility to make provisions for a safe working environment.

Adhering to WHS obligations can be complex and risky for organisations. There are a multitude of rules and regulations that organisations are required to comply with and it’s not easy for businesses to fully comprehend the breadth of these requirements, particularly with frequent legislative changes.

The South Australian Business Chamber can help with your WHS issues

To help you navigate this complex world, the South Australian Business Chamber offers comprehensive Work Health and Safety advisory services for organisations.

The South Australian Business Chamber is well-placed to provide this support: we are South Australia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and peak employer body; we are SA’s largest membership-based employer organisation; and we represent employers and business owners across 19 different industry sectors. Founded in 1839, we have been providing WHS support to organisations for over 180 years.

With a team of qualified, highly-experienced WHS practitioners, the South Australian Business Chamber can provide your organisation with tailored support, whether it’s an urgent, short-notice requirement or a longer-term solution. Our consultants are experts in their field and are fully abreast of every aspect of WHS, the associated legislation, environmental and quality systems, business risk management and regulatory requirements.

No problem is too big or small, and your problem is our problem. Our team will evaluate and analyse your safety, environmental and quality systems and assess your risks before working out a sound management plan for your business. We will find a solution that keeps costs to a minimum and enables you to get on with running your business.

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Comprehensive WHS support

The South Australian Business Chamber consultants are ready now to provide comprehensive advice and practical WHS support. We can provide support in the following areas:

Event safety

  • Development of management plans and safety systems
  • Incident and emergency management of the event
  • Contractor management
  • Liaison with emergency services and regulatory bodies such as SA Police and SafeWork SA
  • Alignment of safety and security systems to current crowded places risks to national guidance

WHS audits

  • Compliance (WHS Act, Regulations and Codes of Practice)
  • Safety systems
  • Processes
  • Documentation
  • Pre-certification to comply with ISO 45001
  • Contractor, sub-contractor and third-party audits

WHS management systems

  • Work Health and Safety plans
  • WHS systems to comply with ISO 45001

Quality management systems

  • Work Health and Safety plans
  • Gap analysis and systems development to address ISO 9001 requirements

Environmental management systems

  • Work health and safety plans
  • Gap analysis and systems development to address ISO 14001 requirements

Risk management

  • Risk management frameworks
  • Risk register and systems to address ISO 31000 requirements

Documentation and implementation

  • Safety, quality and environmental manuals
  • Policies
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Safety plans
  • Safety, quality and environmental management systems aligned to Australian or international standards
  • Permits, checklists and registers
  • SafeWork method statements
  • Contractor safety, quality and environmental systems
  • Training

Hazard identification and risk management

  • Conduct risk assessment (e.g. machine guarding, manual handling)
  • SafeWork method statements (SWMS)
  • Work permits
  • Checklists
  • Manual handling/​hazardous manual tasks
  • Ergonomic assessments

On-site assistance

  • WHS placements
  • WHS committee set-up, coordination and running
  • Liaison with WHS Entry Permit Holders
  • WHS officer training
  • Development of agreements known as enforceable undertakings with SafeWork SA to avoid prosecution
  • Advice in relation to SafeWork SA notices, investigations and disputes

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