Business Fundamentals Program

A program expediting the growth of small and family businesses and social enterprise

Building fundamental knowledge, capability and confidence in areas critical to long-term business growth and sustainability, designed for owners and operators.

The Business Fundamentals Program is an initiative of the Government of South Australia’s Office for Small and Family Business and the South Australian Small Business Strategy 2023 – 2030.


The issues faced by small businesses looking to grow are consistent in their themes and the Business Fundamentals program has been shaped to address these in a framework that is comprehensive, yet easily accessed and implemented.” Andrew Kay, CEO of South Australian Business Chamber.

The Business Fundamentals Program is designed for established business owners looking to take their business and their knowledge to the next level. This 6‑month program will give eligible participants the knowledge and tools to plan and grow their business successfully. 

This program is held at the South Australian Business Chamber, Unley, and delivered through six interactive workshops, three of which will be delivered as a full-day in-person session, and three delivered online as half-day workshops. The commitment that is asked for of the participant is 3 full-days and 3 half-days over a 6‑month period. 

The program is intentionally designed to build confidence, skills and knowledge on strategic areas of growth within business. The workshops will be interactive and will include best-practice instruction, individual and group activities, and examination of practical case studies. Participants will have pre-course reading, and will be provided with templates, resources and tools that they can use within their business.

The Program is worth $3,000 and heavily subsidised by the State Government.

Applicants for the Program are required to pay $500.00 plus GST.

The Business Fundamentals Program

Workshop 1: Business modelling (delivered in-person) :

Includes business modelling, customer markets, services and sales, fulfilment processes, financial considerations (costs vs revenue). The business will complete their ​“own” business model canvas of which should highlight areas of growth and deficiencies in their current business model.

Workshop 2: Sales strategies (delivered online)

Includes key processes in sales, business development strategies, leveraging current customers to grow and growth markets within business. The business will have specific sales strategies and actions to implement within their own business to help increase revenue.

Workshop 3: Business strategies for growth (delivered in-person)

Includes strategies, innovation and new markets for growth. The business owner will come away with greater insights into untapped areas in the business that could be deemed more profitable.

Workshop #4: Marketing and digital strategies (delivered online)

Includes marketing, digital capability, data management and business efficiencies. The business will come away with specific strategies to attract their target market and increase ​“leads” for their sales team.

Workshop #5: People strategies in business (delivered in-person)

Includes talent acquisition and retention, managing staff and culture enhancing activities. The business owner will map out key activities within the business that will help attract, retain and grow A‑grade talent.

Workshop #6: CX Strategies (delivered online)

Includes the customer journey and customer experience (CX) strategies, attraction, retention and growing the customer base. The business owner will come away with greater insights into the customer journey and key actions to implement within their business to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The South Australian Business Chamber mentor will be available 3x 1:1 sessions 

In addition to the workshops, a the South Australian Business Chamber mentor will be available for bi-monthly 1:1 sessions (via telephone or video conference) to discuss the business owner’s specific challenges and to help enhance the business capabilities. Participants are expected to apply the learnings from the Program to their existing business operations and the mentor will be there to guide them through the challenges of executing these actions.

Business Fundamental Program participants will also be able to access the following over the 6 month period.

  • Access to the Business Advice Hotline which provides clear, practical workplace advice to businesses about compliance issues relating to Industrial Relations, Workplace Relations, Human Resource Management, Work Health and Safety, and injury management. Available during Business Hours. 
  • Access to pre-recorded & future webinars that include important information on cyber security, mentally healthy workplaces and latest Industrial relations updates. 
  • The South Australian Business Chamber Today newsletter to keep you updated on the business news and offers within the South Australian Business Chamber network. 
  • Access to the Business Sustainability Online Tool to audit your current energy status and provide you with a detailed health check report. 

Who is eligible: 

This Program is for established business owners and leaders, across all industry sectors, that have been in operation for more than two years and employ less than 100 staff.

Participants are required to complete pre- and post-program surveys which will assist in measuring outcomes achieved through the Program. 

The investment:

With over $3,000 worth of value within the Business Fundamentals Program, the investment needed from eligible business participant is only $500 ex GST payable upfront. 

Next intakes starting:

  • April 2024
  • June 2024
  • January 2025
The South Australian Business Chamber

Application for the Business Fundamentals Program

Submit your application and one of our staff will get in touch with you within three business days.

Successful applicants will be required to pay their $500 co-contribution following notification, prior to the commencement of the intake.

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