Strategic Plan Development

We can help you formulate an effective business strategy

Redefine the direction of your business and inspire your team to high performance.

Does your business have a defined strategy or is it just going through the motions’?

Weighed down by the routine of day-to-day work, business owners often find themselves losing sight of the reasons that brought them into business in the first place, and this can result in a sense of aimlessness for the entire business. 

Having a well-considered and articulated strategy is important for setting business direction, motivating staff and achieving goals. But producing a cogent Strategic Plan is often overlooked by small and medium-sized businesses. There’s just not enough time in the day to get around to it.

A business without clearly-defined strategies is like a rudderless boat, drifting in the middle of a stormy ocean, powerless and completely at the mercy of external forces outside of its control. 

The lack of strategy can result in myriad problems that stifle the performance of the business, including:

  • A lack of direction and progress
  • Loss of passion and inspiration in the business
  • Unmotivated staff and staff turnover
  • A lack of control
  • Wasted money, time, energy and resources
  • Limited execution of key priorities
  • An inability to keep pace with competitors
  • Poor financial results
  • Unchecked growing pains

The South Australian Business Chamber can help build a new and inspiring Strategic Plan for your business

The power of creating and sticking to a Strategic Plan can be a game changer’. A well-defined strategy creates intentional focus, sets direction and gives control back to the business owner. By formulating a strategy, the business establishes a true north’ which enables it to chart a course to prosperity.

A good strategy provides employees with a clear purpose, helping to build passion and personal drive, as well as providing a sense of renewal and inspiration for those who have lost motivation. 

Our Business Growth Consulting advisers have a process that steps business owners through the strategic framework to deliver a powerful yet succinct plan. By undertaking the process, the business will identify its true north’ and establish a series of actionable objectives to align itself with its new strategy direction.

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