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Jensen PLUS is a boutique planning, landscape architecture and urban design consultancy. Based in Adelaide since 1994, they work with clients and communities around Australia on diverse projects. 

Michael McKeown purchased the businesses in 2015 from founder Peter Jensen. 

Since then, we have successfully grown our skills, capabilities and portfolio. We achieved most of our goals and over two decades, we are proud to have received more than 50 state and national awards. 

After a busy few years, it was time to reset the business priorities. To plan for and implement a new phase of growth and improvement. 

I heard about Business Growth Consulting at a the South Australian Business Chamber seminar. I decided to engage their expert services to assist with a new business growth plan, providing independent advice and new /​additional ideas and strategies for consideration. 

The engagement has helped shape our new business growth plan. This includes an update to our business purpose and our values, which were created with strong input from employees. This has been very positive for team culture and buy-in and is helping tailor our recruitment policies as well. 

A review of business systems and responsibilities is also helping with my personal workload and providing opportunities for others to grow their roles and take on more responsibility, with enthusiasm.” 

And as for the service he has received, Michael says that David Walker is easy to work with, and provides honest and independent advice on business planning. As a business owner or leader you already know a lot. But it’s always a good strategy to seek out additional perspectives, to help take your own ideas to another level.”

Learn more about The South Australian Business Chamber’s Business Growth Consulting services here…

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