Sustainability & Energy

Our state has taken big strides in environmental sustainability.

Now we must continue to lead the nation in its support for renewable energy solutions.

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Sustainable business practices that strive to use resources efficiently makes business sense.

This ensures South Australia can be a prosperous and successful state for generations to come. Reducing water and energy costs and managing waste production are the key areas that businesses can be more sustainable.

A leader in environmental sustainability

South Australia has made considerable strides with respect to carbon emissions and broader environmental sustainability in recent decades, often being the leading jurisdiction within Australia and, in some fields, the world. While at times this has placed a significant burden on the business community, particularly through the wild ride of electricity prices from 2015 – 2018 as a result of losing a major baseload power station, we are at a point where we need to leverage the status quo to positively impact business. 

South Australia must continue to lead the nation in its support for renewable energy solutions. With South Australia’s renewable energy production on average now circa 60 per cent of demand and growing, there are increasing opportunities to monetise excess renewables, particularly with the advent of a new interconnector to NSW expected by 2023. 

Hydrogen is the future

The South Australian Business Chamber has long supported the development of a local hydrogen sector to take further advantage of our renewable energy as a precursor to leveraging its export potential. From a demand perspective, scale needs to be built up to engender more production and refuelling stations, and public transport is the most efficient and realisable option the State Government has to kick things off. Incentives for both electric and hydrogen vehicle owners are also needed. 

The circular economy opportunities

Similarly with the circular economy, South Australia has made great strides in legislation banning various plastics, but more can be done to develop circular economy markets in high value-added products that can be competitive in world markets. A substantive State Government procurement fund is an ideal place to start to shift the dial.

To round out South Australia’s sustainability credentials, South Australian Business Chamber’s River Torrens Natural Pool proposal is an opportunity to boost city visitation at a time when it is most needed and a unique opportunity to create a pathway to finally restoring Adelaide’s flagship river to a swimming standard.

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Sustainability and Energy Publications

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