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Issues that need to be addressed to ensure the future prosperity of South Australia.

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Low population growth impacts infrastructure funding

In mid-2020 South Australia’s net interstate migration became positive again after 4 decades with only 2 other 12-month periods of positive net interstate migration in 1983 and 1990 / 1991. In fact, the last quarter of net positive interstate migration prior to 2020 was the September quarter, 2002. Given South Australia has not experienced the same population strains as the eastern states, or Western Australia at times, our infrastructure needs have sometimes been overlooked in a national context. However, South Australian businesses operating in increasingly competitive markets need improved freight access to key ports, and improved infrastructure to transport goods more efficiently around metropolitan Adelaide. There have been solid gains in recent years, particularly along the North-South Corridor, but continuously improving economic and social infrastructure is a key enabler of South Australia’s future economic growth. 

Freight routes and access to markets

The South Australian Business Chamber members also need the State Government to tackle the intractable challenges too — for example, moving heavy freight through Adelaide from the South East. South Australia’s regions have fared even worse when it comes to population growth, with infrastructure a key enabler of future growth there too, particularly major highway duplications to improve road user safety and the economics of moving heavy freight. We must also make our regions more attractive to workers with families, which requires a combination of improved economic infrastructure like roads and ports, but also community infrastructure and necessary services including mobile phone coverage. 

In the South Australian Business Chamber’s 2020 Regional Voice Survey, when asked for the top business priorities in their region requiring additional government support, respondents ranked economic infrastructure number 1 and social infrastructure number 2. South Australia has made significant ground on digital infrastructure in recent years, particularly in metropolitan Adelaide and increasingly across the regions, but there is room for improvement. Despite this, we must do better at marketing the infrastructure we already have, including GigCity, Ten Gigabit Adelaide and the SWiFT network across schools.

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Infrastructure and Transport Publications

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