Why Luke Rogers is building his foundations in South Australia

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Jake Spain
Thursday, June 6th 2024

The quote if you build it, they will come’, may be accredited to the movie Field of Dreams, but for Luke Rogers, this mentality is no game, as he has spent much of his career building some of South Australia’s most famous tourist destinations. 

Luke is the Regional General Manager of the recently renamed TSA Riley – a project management organisation that provides expert strategic, commercial and operations advice, project and cost management, as well as carbon advice and dispute resolution. 

Luke joined the ThirtyNiners podcast to discuss his journey from engineer to project manager, and why he believes South Australia is now one of the best places to live and do business.

I started my career as an engineer and wasn’t really that good at it to be honest, but then I transitioned into project management pretty quickly and steadily throughout my career started to take on more responsibilities.

In particular, I have been pretty lucky in my career to work on some big projects like the original desalination plant. Then once I got that experience, I was able to work on some really fun projects like the old Clipsal 500 event.

Then more recently, I have worked on the Festival Plaza upgrade project, and a number of the major transport road projects in between all of those things”.

South Australia is currently home to some of the biggest tourism events in Australia with the AFL Gather Round, the Adelaide Fringe and the Adelaide 500 bringing in hundreds-of-thousands of tourists in recent years, and Luke believes we now not only have the infrastructure to accommodate this influx, but we have the capacity to continue to grow.

It’s the first time in my life I feel like South Australia is the best State in Australia to live in. 

I think South Australians should be excited by the projects that we have coming into the state, some of them are happening already, and some of them the construction is maybe a year-or-two away, but they’re all adding to a really exciting economic complexity in South Australia”.

Luke’s obvious passion to ensure South Australia is the best place to live and do business, is clearly the catalyst for joining the ThirtyNiners group – a group that Luke affectionally references as a support group’ of business owners trying to continue to grow business in South Australia. 

The ThirtyNiners feels like a bit of a support group, and I say that in the most positive way possible. Everyone in the group has their insecurities and isn’t really sure what they’re doing perfectly. So being around a group of peers to talk about that and bounce ideas off, and just be in a safe space to say things that might be wrong, is really powerful.

Then I think that also helps us learn how to be better leaders as a collective, so that when we go back into our businesses, we have a more rounded perspective on our insecurities, and that just makes us better leaders”.

To listen to the full conversation with Luke Rogers listen to the ThirtyNiners Podcast by the South Australian Business Chamber, search for it wherever you hear your podcasts.


Jake Spain

Marketing and Communications Executive
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