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Answers to frequently asked questions about the South Australian Business Directory

General FAQs

What is The South Australian Business Directory?

The South Australian Business Directory is SA's biggest, most comprehensive directory of businesses. Our long-term plan is to to list EVERY South Australian business and develop a brilliant online resource for businesses and consumers alike.

You can access the Directory at https://business-sa.com/directory.

Why should I get my business listed in the directory?

You should list your business because:

  • It represents a great opportunity to promote your business to consumers and other businesses in South Australia (and beyond)
  • You have the ability to showcase your business, your logo, photographs, products and services, awards and accreditations, and contact information, all in the one place.
  • It costs only $99 per annum to list
  • You're proudly South Australian and you want to help make SA the best place to live and do business in the world.

How do I get my business listed in the directory?

If you are a The South Australian Business Chamber member, you should already have a listing in the directory.

If you are not a South Australian Business Chamber member, you can get your business listed from as little as $99 per annum with our 'Digital Subscription' - you can purchase one here...

How do I edit my existing listing in the directory?

To edit your listing, you will need to access a special link that is unique to your business.

To get the link, use the 'Own this business?' box that appears on your business' live listing. This will send the special link to the primary email address associated with the business.

If you don't have access to that email address, contact us and we will provide you with the special link.

Once you have the special link, click on it to open an online form and complete all the detail required.

Hit the 'Save' button at the top right to save your progress at any time.

Hit the 'Submit' button once you have completed the form.

Your submission will be reviewed by the South Australian Business Chamber staff and published to the directory

How long does it take for my edits to go live in the directory?

Once you edit your listing, it is forwarded to us for review and approval.

Once approved, the revised listing will appear the following day (there is an automated process that occurs overnight to update the listings).

Generally speaking, it will take between 24-72 hours for your edits to appear in the directory.

Why did you edit my listing / remove parts of my listing?

The South Australian Business Chamber reserves the right to edit listings prior to publishing, in accordance with content publishing guidelines.

If you wish to contact us about your listing, you can do so here...

Directory Fields FAQs

What is the difference between our trading name and our legal name?

The trading name is the name that you use to market your business to consumers. For example: Coopers

The legal name is the name of the entity (eg. a Pty Ltd company) that you operate your business through. For example: Coopers Brewery Limited

Do I have to disclose how many people work for my business?

No, you can choose not to specify this if you wish.

How many categories/sub-categories can I choose for my business?

You can choose up to ten categories/sub-categories.

Please note that the categories/sub-categories you choose should relate to the products and services that your business offers, NOT the industries that your business serves.

What are the image specifications for our logo?

You can upload a logo that is 2MB or less in size. Accepted formats are JPG, GIF or PNG.

Use a transparent image if you'd like to overlay the logo on top of the background.

If you don't use a transparent logo image, then try the 'Use a light background' tick-box when uploading a background.

What are the image specifications for the background image that appears behind the logo?

You can upload a logo that is 2MB or less in size. Accepted formats are JPG, GIF or PNG.

Best orientation is landscape.

You should experiment with images to ensure that the logo/background looks great in the 'preview' window.

If you don't use a transparent logo image, then try the 'Use a light background' tick-box when uploading a background.

Which phone number and email address should I use for the directory?

As the directory is available to the public, you should use your publicly-accessible telephone number and email address in these fields.

What should I put in the 'business description' field?

This is a short description of no more than 2000 characters about your business - it should be a succinct synopsis of what your business does; your 'elevator pitch'.

What should I put in the 'products and services' field?

In this field, please list the individual products and services that your business offers, with the following guidelines:

  • One word or phrase per line
  • Use common words and phrases that customers use to describe your products and services - eg. shoes, tax returns, Indian food, web design
  • Use words that a customer might use in a Google search to find you
  • You can provide up to ten (10) different words or phrases

What should I put in the 'awards, associations and accreditations' field?

In this field, list off any awards your business has won; any associations that your business belongs to; and any accreditations that the business holds.

One per line, as these will be automatically bulleted on your listing page.

What should I put in the 'additional links' field?

You can use this field to add up to three URLs associated with your business, whether it is another page on your website (eg. a Products page or a Contact Us page) or a link from an external website (eg. a newspaper article about your business, a product review).

What should I put in the 'image gallery'?

You can upload up to five images in your image gallery. You can use images of your staff, your premises or your products.

Images need to be 2MB or less in size. Accepted formats are JPG, GIF or PNG.

Do I need to include a discount or promotional offer?

It's optional to provide a discount or promotional offer, but we do encourage you to do so.

As the directory is publicly-accessible, it's best to provide an offer that any member of the public can use.

Be sure to include details of the offer, how it can be redeemed, and any terms and conditions that apply.

Offers should be enduring, not time limited (ie. don't include offers that expire at the end of next month)

What if the Street View doesn't look right?

By default, our system will grab the Google Street View image for your nominated address.

Sometimes this doesn't provide a quality image of your premises. You can choose to approve/not approve the image, or alternatively you can upload an image of your own with the 'Add Custom Street View' button.

My business has multiple locations - how do I add more locations?

Each listing provides the option to add additional locations. You can specify up to 100 additional business locations and premises. These will be shown on your listing and appear on the location map.

Alternatively, you can choose to create a new, stand-alone listing in the directory for $99 per annum with a Digital Subscription - purchase here...

Why do you want my individual contact details?

We collect this information in case we need to contact you about your listing. These details are not displayed as part of your listing.

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