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Our CEO is highly-regarded South Australian businessman Andrew Kay.

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Andrew Kay

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Kay brings to the South Australian Business Chamber his experience on both sides of the board room table.

His insights include strategy, vision, finance, risk and governance, marketing, sales, and OHS. He is also experienced at the Director level with appointments with the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, Centennial Park Authority, Winemakers’ Federation of Australia, and the Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation.

Andrew has worked across various sectors, including finance, dairy, fast-moving consumer goods and most recently in the wine sector. As someone who has worked extensively overseas, he has always been impressed with South Australia’s ability to punch above its weight.

Coming to the South Australian Business Chamber after many years with Wirra Wirra, Andrew looks forward to giving something back to other businesses to help them achieve their goals and aspirations, whether small or on a grand scale.

Elisa Luck

General Manager, Programs and Consulting

Elisa Pecorelli has over 20 years’ experience in creating, implementing, and operationalising advisory and regulatory functions within the customer service industry.

Elisa’s portfolio is responsible for ensuring the South Australian Business Chamber facilitates business growth and improves outcomes for South Australian businesses through a cohesive range of services and programs.

Elisa is a passionate leader focused on continuous improvement, specialising in managing and leading operational staff in complex environments with a style that exhibits strong coaching skills and enables employees to understand and embrace organisational cultural values while developing their personal and professional attributes.

Megan Kloeden

General Manager, People & Culture

Megan has spent 20 years strategically building her people and culture profile. Megan worked as a HR professional in a manufacturing environment during its peak in the early 2000’s and has since transitioned into a more white-collar People and Culture decision-maker. Megan was a key overseer of the Senior Leadership Team restructure during the CEO’s changeover, flattening and recognising internal talent with promotions and recruiting multiple key roles.

Megan’s skills have seen her lead implementations of key solutions across multiple initiatives, increasing productivity and streamlining processes ultimately reducing the cost of running payroll and freeing up resources for further company development.

Kendall Crowe

General Manager, Policy, Advocacy and International Services

Kendall is the South Australian Business Chamber’s General Manager, Policy, Advocacy and International Services. With the rare experience of having worked for cabinet ministers on both sides of politics coupled with several years at executive level in the public sector – Commonwealth and State - Kendall has an extensive network and an excellent understanding of the political arena and its inherent sensitivities.

She is experienced in strategy and policy development in multiple sectors including immigration, federal financial relations, workers compensation, child protection and education, and is skilled in influencing agendas through advocacy and negotiation.

Marianna Panopoulos

General Manager, Strategy and Finance

Marianna comes to the South Australian Business Chamber with significant experience across not-for-profit membership organisations and government, including a nine-year stint as CFO and Company Secretary at the Australian Human Resources Institute. After returning to Adelaide from interstate, Marianna completed a contract role as CFO at The Adelaide Film Festival, who retained her on their Board and as Chair of their Audit Committee. She also previously held a Board role with Circus Oz. Marianna holds a Bachelor of Commerce, an MBA, is a CPA and has graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors programme. Marianna is responsible for the South Australian Business Chamber’s finance, governance, and information technology functions.

Dougie Parr

General Manager - Marketing, Events, Communications, Customer Engagement

Dougie joined the Chamber’s senior leadership team after a 14-year stint in various executive-level marketing roles at RAA.

Dougie brings many years of experience in leadership, sales and marketing strategy, business development and digital transformation to The Chamber and looks forward to working alongside its leadership team to deliver knowledge and services that drive its mission to make South Australia the best place to do business, and live, in the world.

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