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SafeWork SA sheds light on workplace safety during October

Cindy Jackway
Tuesday, October 10th 2023

SafeWork SA, the South Australian authority dedicated to ensuring safe and healthy workplaces, is designating the month of October as a time to put a strong focus on Workplace Health and Safety (WHS).

This initiative aims to engage businesses, employers, and workers across the state in a series of activities that emphasise workplace safety and the promotion of healthy work environments.

The importance of this initiative cannot be understated. According to data from Safe Work Australia, a total of 169 Australians lost their lives while at work in 2021, with 16 of these tragic incidents occurring in South Australia alone. These sobering statistics highlight the critical need for continued efforts to enhance workplace safety.

National Safe Work Month has been a pivotal fixture since 2009 when it was introduced in response to a peak in workplace fatalities across Australia, reaching a staggering 310 deaths in 2007. This annual observance serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of workplace safety.

In 2023, the theme for National Safe Work Month is For Everyone’s Safety, Work Safely.” This theme underscores the collective responsibility that businesses, employers, and workers share in maintaining safe workplaces. 

Throughout the month, there will be a weekly focus on various health and safety aspects, including injuries at work, mental health, and the effective management of WHS (Work Health and Safety) risks.

The South Australian Business Chamber recognises the significance of WHS and offers a range of resources to support businesses in their safety endeavours. Through education and consultation on work health and safety, the South Australian Business Chamber aims to empower businesses to proactively address their obligations year-round. Our message is clear: every business owner should remain vigilant about their responsibilities and take proactive steps to create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces.

To actively engage in National Safe Work Month and access valuable resources, businesses and individuals are encouraged to visit SafeWork SA’s dedicated National Safe Work Month web page.

Here you can find more details about the month’s activities and register for events designed to promote and improve workplace safety.

SafeWork SA’s commitment to dedicating October to workplace safety shines a crucial spotlight on the need for continuous vigilance and action. By participating in National Safe Work Month and embracing the For Everyone’s Safety, Work Safely” theme, businesses, employers, and workers can contribute to the creation of safer and healthier workplaces throughout South Australia and across the nation.


Cindy Jackway

Training Manager
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