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Adelaide-based Zone Culture is a specialist national consultancy firm that helps organisations implement a high performing culture at the coalface through emotional accountability.

Principal Michelle Stanton explained Zone Culture’s approach: A strong, collaborative culture is paramount in modern-day organisations. But most organisations discover that having an established set of values and a code of conduct isn’t enough to guarantee a strong culture capable of delivering the organisation’s objectives. Zone Culture are implementation specialists who empower leaders and employees emotionally, so that they can perform to their highest potential and deliver extraordinary results’.

Michelle is in the business of helping other organisations with their performance, but she also recently sought help for her own business and engaged the South Australian Business Chamber’s Business Growth Consulting.

Like all businesses, we need to ensure that we have a pipeline of new work. We typically offer our services to large companies and corporations, and we needed some help to improve our qualification and discovery processes when pitching for new work’.

I attended a presentation on organisational culture at the South Australian Business Chamber, facilitated by Tim Lavis, and I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge Tim demonstrated during his presentation. I was particularly interested in his needs analysis’ methodology and the way that he asks probing questions to uncover key pain points’ for his customers’.

Tim worked with us to formulate a comprehensive Sales Process Map that encompasses the qualification and discovery stages with prospective clients. He coached us on our questioning technique to ensure that we drill down deeply, uncover root causes, and explore them fully when pitching for new work’.

Tim went over-and-above his brief and provided great value to us: he helped us to understand our return-on-investment calculations; he helped us to identify organisations that would be appropriate business development targets; and he coached us through every step of the sales process’.

Michelle has no hesitation in recommending Tim to other businesses:

Take up the complimentary chat. I thought Tim would just help us draft some effective sales questions to ask prospective clients, but he delivered so much more than that. I highly recommend Tim and the Business Growth Consulting services at the South Australian Business Chamber. It’s important to leverage expertise and experience to propel your business forward, and Tim has certainly made a big difference to our business.’

Learn more about Zone Culture on their website at zonecul​ture​.com​.au.

Learn more about The South Australian Business Chamber’s Business Growth Consulting services here…

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