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Unley-based Online Path is a leading Adelaide digital marketing agency that drives traffic to websites, makes the phone ring, generates qualified leads and increases sales for customers.

The business specialises in search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media advertising. They’re acronyms that most businesses are vaguely aware of, but typically need help with — SEO aims to capture prominent search engine rankings for unpaid, organic listings in Google, whilst SEM is paid advertising using Google Ads.

Unlike many providers in this field, Online Path is driven by online conversions, not just clicks, ensuring that customers get a great return-on-investment for their digital marketing dollar. They dispense with the jargon and get to know their customers business from the inside out, enabling them to implement a tailored strategy that delivers tangible results. Online Path has delivered outstanding digital marketing services for a host of organisations, including Flinders University, Hutt St Centre, UZIT, Childhood Cancer Association and Oxfam Australia.

These days, specialist digital marketing firms are in high demand as businesses increasingly turn to the web to market their products and services. Online Path has experienced rapid growth and a burgeoning client base in a short space of time. This has resulted in a much higher tempo of work, an increase in staff head-count, a refocus on the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm’s business processes, and closer scrutiny of the firm’s cashflow and financial reporting.

Originally founded as a husband-and-wife business by Michael and Melanie Gibbons, Online Path’s rapid growth has caused unmanageable workloads and some stress for its two principals, and left them without the time and energy to focus on the bigger picture’ for the business.

It was just the two of us to start with and we’ve always been the doers’ in our business’, explained Michael. But as we grow, we know that we have to step back and take a different view of the business. We needed some help to get us there, because we were getting bogged down in the routine tasks of the business’.

Online path

Looking for ways to free up time to work on’ their business, Michael and Melanie turned to the South Australian Business Chamber’s Business Growth Consulting advisers for help. They were seeking a fresh set of eyes to look over their business and help them define some strategies to meet their growth challenges.

We’ve been working closely with David Walker at the South Australian Business Chamber and he has really helped us to achieve clarity around the duties that each staff member is responsible for. We’ve had some honest conversations about our organisational structure and he has made us think very deeply about our day-to-day responsibilities as business owners.’

I honestly feel businesses of any size or age can benefit from this program’, said Michael. We have renewed enthusiasm and motivation for our business, and we’ve freed up time to formulate an exciting longer-term strategy for the future of Online Path’.

Online Path continues to work with David Walker on an ongoing basis and Michael and Melanie are enjoying the opportunity to work on’ their business, rather than in’ it.

Learn more about Online Path on their website at onlinepath​.com​.au.

Learn more about The South Australian Business Chamber’s Business Growth Consulting services here…

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