ALS Library Services

ALS Library Services is one of Australia’s principal suppliers of books and audio-visual materials to public and school libraries, with facilities in Edwardstown SA and Melbourne. 

The business curates data on new publications, selects and procures stock from distributors, and makes items shelf ready” with barcodes, RFID tags, catalogue records and protective covering.

Simon Woodley is relatively new as the owner of ALS, having bought the business from his former boss in a retirement succession plan.

It’s been a busy time for ALS. I’ve recently taken over the business from the former owner and we’ve also acquired a competitor — all the while, we’ve had the COVID-19 situation and the associated supply chain and staffing issues to deal with’, Simon explained.

ALS operates in a tight marketplace for book suppliers.

The book supply industry is contracting and consolidating, it’s highly competitive and margins are shrinking. In that context, it’s clear that we need to have a well-considered plan for the business so that we can continue to grow’. 

As a new business owner, Simon was keen to get some help to formulate his plan.

ALS has been a the South Australian Business Chamber member for many years and I learnt that they have a Business Growth Consulting team that works with businesses to help them with their growth challenges. After a detailed discussion with David Walker, it seemed like the right fit for our needs — the South Australian Business Chamber is a known quantity that we trust’ 

David has worked closely with Simon over several months to document a series of prioritised actions and objectives for the business, which Simon has been implementing.

David has broad knowledge and experience of the business world and he provided a critical appraisal of the state of our business, delivering advice and insights that we would not have otherwise considered’.

Having an expert look over our business, and provide frank, unbiased and dispassionate advice, has been invaluable for us. I’ve also appreciated the regular meetings — the discipline of meeting regularly has forced me to extricate myself from the day-to-day detail of my business and to focus on the big picture’ issues that will help ALS grow’.

Learn more about ALS Library Services on their website at https://​www​.alslib​.com/

Learn more about The South Australian Business Chamber’s Business Growth Consulting services here…

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